is the best mix between Blizzlike WoTLK & Funserver.

Created: January 28, 2019

Members: 1739

Join Discord Server is a bespoke private World of Warcraft server, completely free to play with active development. We have lots of fun and challenging content for you to enjoy. Suitable for solo players or group play, you have options to progress through Wrath of the Lich King content in your own way.

We have custom-built unique Mythic+ dungeon and raid systems, Ring of Law event for end-game, World Bosses and Legendary specialized weapon effect sets to make your favourite classes shine and a ton more.

We are currently working on going into a Seasonal Realm which will be progressive releasing content over a set period. With the full season being around six months. All to be confirmed in our Discord.

Join our Discord and be part of an exciting community of WoW players.

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