Planet Floof

LGBT-friendly Art & Furry server with innovation in mind, A place to share art, have fun & build strong friendships! •ᴗ•

Planet Floof

Created: November 19, 2020

Members: 9188

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Welcome to Planet Floof!
We are a Community Server looking for heartwarming souls.
A place to be yourself, hang out with others, and find new friends!

✨ , ‘ !

‍ Planet Floof offers you:

• A fully SFW and LGBT-Friendly environment
• An easy-to-understand Server Layout
• SUPER Active community
• Automated Free Game notifications for Steam and Epic Games
• Tons of Personalization Roles
• Server XP and fun Economy games
• Art help and sharing channels
• Art advertisement channels
• Transparent moderation
• Extreme raider protection

We value all our members the same, you are just as important as everyone else.

You’re already at the entrance, what are you waiting for? Find your special place here!

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