PlayStation 5 released a software update that supports Discord

Sony has released a software update for PlayStation 5 consoles with version number 7.0. The new firmware adds integration of Discord service and also includes support for Variable Refresh Rate technology for 1440p displays, offers local data transfer support between PlayStation 5 consoles and allows you to record video with gameplay voice commands.

Connecting to Discord is the same as it was originally realized on the Xbox – using a cell phone, not through a special server dedicated directly to the PlayStation 5. Before connecting it is recommended to unlink the PSN and Discord accounts if they had one. At this point only voice chat features Discord are available. Support for text messages is not yet available as well. However the integration of the service in PlayStation 5 now allows owners of Sony consoles to communicate directly with the owners of Xbox consoles. By the way Microsoft improved the integration of Discord in its Xbox consoles last year. You can connect to voice chats there directly through the console itself, without having to use a cell phone or PC. The new firmware expanded support for Variable Refresh Rate technology, adding the ability to use it with 1440p displays.

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