SkuII lsland

We are a chill gaming & SCP:SL community in which we host engaging monthly events and provide a fun experience for all!

SkuII Island

Created: January 11, 2021

Members: 3883

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Welcome to Skull Island, we’re a server that talks about SCP and Backrooms topics. We also just come together, chat, and have a jolly ol’ time vibing. We also host a server on a popular game called SCP: Secret Laboratory, we also have a fun time on there. You should join our server for a multitude of reasons, but here are a few to get an idea on why you should join:

– We’re welcoming to everyone
– We talk about SCP & the backrooms
– We just come together and have a good time
– We’re looking to expand server content & topics

These are a few points why you should join Skull Island! If you’re interested, we hope to see you here!

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