The Elegants

Active server with Nitro giveaways & fun bots like Karuta, OwO, Dank Memer, AniGame and Poketwo. Join us right now!

The Elegants

Created: May 29, 2021

Members: 10893

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This server is an active and vibrant community where you can connect with people from all around the world. One of the things that sets our server apart from others is our regular Nitro giveaways. As a member of our community, you will have the opportunity to win Nitro, which is a premium subscription for Discord that gives you access to a variety of perks such as custom emojis, a higher resolution screen share, and more.

But Nitro giveaways are not the only thing that makes our server special. We also have a variety of fun and interactive bots that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Some of the most popular bots on our server include Karuta, OwO, Dank Memer, Animgame, and Poketwo. These bots provide a wide range of features such as games, memes, and image manipulation that will keep you laughing and engaged.

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