The Room

We are a community/pairing server that serves the purpose of making it easier for our audience to find friends!

The Room

Created: October 17, 2022

Members: 1478

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This server was built with the aim to make it easier for our audience to find friends and it has continuously made progress in making it as efficient as possible. Our staff works to their full potential to make sure that the server is smoothly running while the server itself gets new features as it reaches certain member milestones. We have been a community for over a year now. Along with all this we also serve as a minecraft server with our very own team working on it with all their efforts! If you are the one to be interested in the minecraft aspect then we have a whole deeper server for you to engage with others like you at a better level!
In the end, I as the owner would just like to say that I made this server to help others like me who struggle to find new friends and I am constantly working to make this place go to it’s full potential.

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