/yoko ✦ ORV ー RVMP


/yoko ✦ ORV ー RVMP

Created: July 02, 2022

Members: 1258

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u2504u3164this server does not have a particular topic we focus on, but we do focus on the happiness and comfort of our server members. we accept all kinds of people that’s interested in all kinds of things (as long as you’re not rude and can follow the server rules)

u2504u3164we also have a lot of emojis and daily manwha memes content, and manwha/manhua/manga recommendations for people who loves reading and a semi-active chat to socialize with, further more have decors, resources, minimal channel layout, + more !

u2504u3164well then what are you waiting for? join us if you like manwha and web toons!

u2504u3164we are also open for partnerships & is hiring for uploaders/staff ! please join the server if interested.

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