Genshin Impact Unofficial

A friendly Genshin Impact community for rookie travelers and expert ones alike. Come join us , ask questions and enjoy!

Genshin Impact Unofficial

Created: January 23, 2020

Members: 271780

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**What Genshin Impact Unofficial Is**

A Genshin Impact server that has been providing a friendly and inclusive space for hundreds of thousands of Genshin players since the game’s launch. Take a second to read what our server provides and consider joining!

**Snippet of what Genshin Unofficial Provides To You**

• **Active Region Specific Co-Op Channels and Material Channels**⭐
This channel is filled with high level players that you can ping for a carry on difficult quests.

• **Active Sections for Team, Character Build, or General Advice** ⭐
We have wise Genshin players in there to make sure you get the best advice possible.

We provide so much more but are limited to the character limit.
**Join to see more incredibly useful perks of being here**

**Excellent Moderation**

We’re here, we care about you, and we’re going to keep this community safe.

Before we bring out the ban hammer, we take in the human side of community moderation. The moderator team talk to users, de-escalate arguments, and give second chances to those who deserve it before escalating things.

We aim to maintain the chill and fun atmosphere in our community this way and it has worked effectively thus far.

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