How to spoiler on Discord

How to make a spoiler in Disсord and what does this term mean? If you are not yet familiar with this side of the messenger, rather read our review! We have prepared a detailed story about the possibility to hide a part of the text from your interlocutors – it would be interesting.

What is a spoiler?

In conversations this word is used with negative connotations – it is disclosure of important information about the development of the plot of a film, book or series to a person who has not yet reached this point. It is unpleasant, isn’t it?

In the messenger, the term has a different meaning, but related to the one described above. Making a spoiler in Discord means hiding information in a kind of pocket. You will not be able to see the data if you look at the preview – you have to click on the hidden message.

discord spoiler

Users can insert a spoiler in the Discord message for different data types:

  • Message text
  • File or link to a file
  • Picture
  • Emoji
  • Mentioning a user
  • Invitation link

What does spoiler look like? The data is hidden by a black box.

Let’s talk about how to make a spoiler in Discord.

How to make a spoiler in discord

There are several ways to hide information – you can use any of the options described below, focus only on your own wishes.

The first and most common way is to use the menu:

  • Once you type text, select it with your mouse
  • In the menu that appears, look for “Mark as spoiler” icon
  • Click it and send a message!

Discord spoiler icon

An alternative option for writing spoilers in Discord:

  • Place two vertical lines || before and after a message or link
  • Send message, the data will be hidden automatically

Discord spoiler two vertical lines

The third option is even simpler:

  • Type /spoiler before the text
  • Type in the rest of the information and send a message

Hey im a discord spoiler

The described methods can be used both in mobile and desktop versions of Discord.

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