Roblox Design School

This server is a place for roblox designers dedicated to helping you learn! And become an expert

Roblox Design School

Created: July 18, 2020

Members: 5665

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Roblox Design School is a collaborative platform and community, dedicated to creatives in Roblox.

Our mission is to help the design community with their skills through our videos and platforms

Our vision is to inspire Roblox Designers to be more confident and competent in their design skills so they can grow outside of Roblox. And hopefully, leave a big mark in the Roblox design community!

Our goal is simple!
1. Create content that educates young designers to be more competent or their skills!

2. Make it easier for beginner designers in Roblox to learn and design

Why did we make a community?
We have been in the Roblox community for a while, and we do like the growing community, although kids have been trying to make a quick buck out of it, they haven’t been reaching client expectations and we would like to help those, not only in terms of skill but also how to talk and close deals. The level of professionalism is very low for the current community, so low that some have considered it toxic. Let’s change that and raise the standards for the Roblox community.

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