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Jankylanky's official YouTube Discord server! This is a place to hang out with your friends, and make new ones!

jankylanky YouTube Community

Created: October 10, 2021

Members: 108786

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Welcome to Jankylanky’s Community Server! Our Staff have done their absolute hardest in providing a welcoming and fun experience to everyone.

Here you can:

・ | Interact and socialize with our friendly community!
・ | Chat in channels that suit your hobbies!
・ | Be notified on Janky’s uploads as well a user safety!
・ | Participate in server events for rewards!
・ | React on polls and answer QoTDs!
・ | and so much more..

If you’re curious to see more of what we offer, you can join the server and see for yourself! We’re happy to have you in our community. Be sure to read the rules!

Interested in becoming staff? Our applications (and requirements) are in the announcements server.

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